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ABOUT eXElerators

Exelerators  [ɪgˈzɛləreɪtəz], noun; A network consisting of open-minded executives and accelerators who drive forward future-oriented topics with passion, commitment, and agility.

Exelerators brings together leaders, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs who develop businesses and are passionate about technology and innovation. We appreciate people with a positive spirit who see opportunities and accelerate the pace in our fast-changing world. 


As a diverse and across-industry community, we value a broad range of topics from smart devices, the Internet of things to knowledge networks, network, and design thinking.


Extend your network and gain valuable contacts. Be part of it. Be an Exelerator.

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This event is designed to bring executives and entrepreneurs together.

The focus lies on meeting each other online and discussing topics such as technology, innovation, and new work.

Please be aware that registration is required and tickets are limited.

ONLINE Get-together

May 04, 2021

6:00 - 7:00 PM